Miles of Separation

We finally got word about the orphanage our little one is at and we also received an updated picture of her.

Good news? Yes and no.

She is very very thin and has recently been very ill. The orphanage she is at is very poor and the children have little food and no nets (malaria) or beds. 

She sleeps on a cold, wet dirt floor! My heart breaks having to type that. What can I do? I desperately want to go and rescue her, I want to take away any hunger pains, I want to kiss her and hold her close. 

These miles of separation could not be more harsh today! 

We do have a true advocate on the ground in Kinshasa right now. She has made numerous trips over and has truly been a God send to so many orphans. She leaves her family behind and takes the journey over to do what she can to make life better for these sweet children. She has had her share of loss, losing several children she was waiting to adopt. It is so senseless that these babies are dying when we have every opportunity to help. Children shouldn't die of hunger. They shouldn't die of malaria. 

We can help her! 

I am asking you please! please! Help us raise support to buy beds, nets, and other life saving items for these children!!

Any amount will go directly to aid these sweet children. I am asking not just for my little one who needs a bed and nourishment so badly but all the little ones who don't have a voice. Lets do what we can!

Use the link above and do what you can. Five, ten, twenty, or more, whatever you give is going to save the lives of the most innocent. 

Above is the most recent picture she is so thin.

Above is our referral picture.

I have signed a contract not to use her face, but I pray and my hope is to show you her beautiful face in our arms soon!! 



I would have posted we have a referral a while back but after losing our first I feel like it is such a delicate hope. We can't help ourselves to fall in love with this sweet little girl. We can't help but imagine her in our family. We can't help but to imagine loving on her and enjoying the blessing of a little girl. Truth is we go there a lot, and it is but a delicate hope that she is indeed ours!

The hope we do rest in is that God is faithful and this journey even thus far has produced so much good. We have been transformed to have different goals, dreams, and desires. In no way am I wanting to guilt others who are on different roads, this is just our path.  God has allowed this journey to shape us into people who find great excitement and joy in plans we would not have thought of by our own accord.

What was once just a way to grow our family has changed our hearts into how do we change the world. And by changing the world I mean loving in any way possible to those who need love the most.

So I am excited to say we have hope of bringing a sweet little girl home. Timeline is so up in the air with immigration changes. Please pray for our little girl and all orphans who don't have a voice.

 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28