Last Trimester

I would compare this step to be a bit like the last trimester of pregnancy. Where at times I am so uncomfortable waiting that I have to remind myself to breath. Where I still can't say this is really happening but my growing stomach, or in this instance the growing list of completed steps. Nesting moments come pouring down on me and there isn't enough I could do to feel totally prepared. The last leg of this adoption is so parallel to that last trimester.

I feel in a way like I am going to be a first time mom, mainly because she is a girl and unfortunately spent her first years not in my arms.

We are both so excited but fully understand this is a major game changer and we are diligently praying God's grace over us now and what's to come.

I cannot tell you how cute Eli is speaking about his baby sister. How he is going to protect her, share with her, and play with her. Hmmm he has no clue and probably a good thing!

This summer we will be preparing our home for our sweet little african princess. We really need to try and scrape up, save up, and come up with the $8,000-9,000 needed to travel. This part is so tricky as we committed to pay back our adoption loan in a year :/ So if we need anything maybe some prayers that my ideas for fundraising will come through! That between the yard sale, the canvas sale, and the shear determination to have it all just in time, we will!!

Oh and just to finish a little update with where exactly we are...drum roll...as of June 2nd, our little girl is ours in the Congo, we could move there and be her parents. Now it is in the hands of the US and that takes 3-6months...we have just a bit of paperwork to get to this part and plan to very soon! So our hope is that by October we will be on a plane to Africa!! We already are closing in on a year since we started and it will be surreal when we are home. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

with love,