Golden Birthday

Wow! Five years, it doesn't seem possible, the memory of kissing him and holding him is as near to my mind as yesterday. I tried so hard that day to take in as much as possible and God has truly honored that, I have so many memories from one single day than I do from months.

Hindsight is 20/20. Sitting here today on the 5th year since I felt the sharpest slice of my heart, I can truly say I wouldn't trade it for the world. All of the pain and the months of grief, and even what I carry today is worth more than gold and silver.

Maxson, your sweet stop in our hearts has left fruit that continues to grow... How I view my Father, how I view your brother, how I view my salvation, and how I view this life have all been turned up because of YOU! My personal joy I feel in the little things would never be what it is without you!

We prayed so hard those days before you were born, for you to be healed, or to stay with us, we wanted so badly to not have to walk the road of losing you. Now, I stand here five years later and can plainly see all the good you left us with and I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.

We sang, very loudly, happy birthday to you this evening and no tears clouded my eyes, no sharp pains, just that overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.

We know you stand with our Father and we know we will see you again, and NOW we know how glorious God's plan was for you.

You have a little brother who talks about you a lot, and I know already loves his big brother.

Thank you for your moments here I hope that golden birthday in Heaven resounds all of our thankfulness for you.

Love you,

A friend recently shared this "Whoever does not know the austere of blessedness of waiting- that is, of hopefully doing without- will never experience the full blessing of fulfillment." This has rang so very true, especially lately with our adoption travel date being put off; not knowing when or if we will bring Sarah home. This next year we will continue to pray and fight for Sarah and other orphans, with the hope of being through to the side of fulfillment before Christmas next year. So please when you think of Maxson today or whenever he may come to mind please add a little prayer for Sarah.

with love,