Let Us NOT

It has been way too long for an update...I have thought about updating and then often I become overwhelmed with where we are, stuck. We are amongst many, many other families that are stuck in a broken international adoption system. The blame for this could go so many directions. I never see the benefit of focusing on whose to blame, rather I feel it is SO SO urgent to share what we feel is key to keeping our sweet girl and countless others alive.

To clear up questions or at least try to, international adoption has many steps, we are moving along in the last step with the US embassy investigating our little girl's orphan status. We have recently learned though that the DGM, the Congolese immigration branch of ministry, is suspending exit letters. Basically, after the US clears her status and we have her visa, we still cannot take her out of the country until this is lifted. They are saying up to 12 months. This is a huge blow. I have shed tears for all the moments  I will miss with Sarah because of this, I have shed tears for her having to live in a place where food and clean water is NOT a guarantee.

NOW, what I don't want to do is give up! I MUST fight to keep her healthy and alive.

It's so easy to turn or quit reading, but please know by doing so we are allowing children to die! I know this may sound like I am being melodramatic, but I promise this is real! Our dollars make the difference in children living or dying. Just last week in the Congo 75% children from an orphanage died do to unclean drinking water. Dysentery shot through this orphanage and in a matter of days killed most of them. It costs around $100 for a filter that lasts 6 months.

Please please please let us NOT; get annoyed, turn away, or pretend it's not our problem!!! You can say, 'well I have my causes I support, and this isn't my cause'. MAN, if we all just gave a little, if we all saw this as a little bit of our cause, we could change the direction of hundreds of lives.

We are going to be doing what we can to raise support to feed three orphanages that DESPERATELY need support. One of these orphanages is where our daughter is. Some other mom's who are adopting from Congo have banned together and we hope to raise $5,000 by Orphan Sunday, this coming Sunday! We have made the connections to make sure these orphanages will receive the food, and I will share pictures of that happening. This money will go so far!! There was already an anonymous matching donation of $1,200, that has been met and there has been another anonymous donation of $500 that will be given to match. If you click on the button to donate your donation will be matched plus it is tax deductible.

I can NOT express enough what good these funds will do! I will be sharing pictures of the children receiving the food. I know we plan to use it for food, but we may also use it for water filters and more beds.

Feed their Tummies

with love,