Thank you

I really want to share with you what has been given to us, not just the love that has been shared by strangers... but the items given in memory of our sweet son, that have been sent to us by some we have never met in person. There love so inspires me and I have such a thankful heart for everything I have received. I can't tell you enough how I am blown away by the love strangers have shown us.

Not strangers anymore. I have many new friends.

Beautiful artwork, an amazing necklace, many wonderful cards, a kit from string of pearls (that allowed me to cast Maxson's hand). A poem and a beautiful engraved ornament, and just tons of thoughtful emails and comments. I thank God for all of you and thank you for your support for us and our strong baby Maxson Linwood.

I am praying now if we should let the blog rest in Max's memory, a part of me feels I've said and shared my boy. And I didn't set out for this blog to be about anything other than God's plan for our son's life and to share the love we had for Max. While I know Maxson lives on, and his love has touched many... It just seems I need to pray that sharing the grief side is what this is about too. If that makes any sense?

I wouldn't trade the pain I feel for not having Maxson. Even now as my soul aches and I long for my baby, I feel incredibly blessed to be here. I love you all.

with love,
Max's mommy


Carla Burlando said...

Thankyou for sharing your son in the open way that you have. Maybe your blog will evolve into more of a healing sight one you visit as you grieve and heal. Over time less and less frequently but just to stop in and remember when the urge hits.

Rebecca Jo said...

I would love to see how Max touches your life every day as now, he WILL be a part of your life... the good & the bad days... but do what you need to do - to help you in any way you need.

We are always praying for you - know that!

Laura said...

So beautiful....thinking of you so often. Hope you are staying warm on the inside and out! Keep writing...somewhere. It will help you on this journey.

Ashley said...

Sending prayers and Love ya'lls way!!

Kelli said...

Praying for you and your family. May God continue to hold you in his tender care. Max's story is beautiful! He has touched my life in a special way.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Thinking about you this morning Trish and praying for you as you both continue to go forward in your journey now. It must be difficult and I pray that the Lord continues to carry you day by day. You mention sharing the grief side of this too, and it makes sense to me.
There are so many people who will be joining you on this path this year. I can only imagine the blessing and comfort of them witnessing Gods faithfulness to you through your pain. I will be praying about this for you. Maxson's life has a bigger purpose that is yet to be seen. Just know I am praying for your hearts.

Love and Hugs, Laurie