Maxson Linwood is one very lucky boy, I do hope God instilled this in Max. His Daddy loved him so much and he is and would have been such a great dad.

Dustin has this gift, I call it a gift anyway, his mom had it too...he has a way to almost always put everyone else ahead of himself. A way to take care of my needs, Max's needs, and everyone's needs before his own...hmm....except for food, he will steal the last ice cream sandwich. But he truly loves and shows it through many selfless acts. I just wish Max would have been able to experience this warm blanket of love a lot longer than he did.

So Father's Day was okay. But okay is a good thing, I mean you can't expect much more this first Father's Day without our baby boy. Dustin was strong as usual I did see his eyes gloss over when he read a card my sister sent him.

Speaking of Dust, that is one of the many painful subjects that have plagued my mind over the loss of Max. Why Dustin? Why God, his mom then his son? Why so much sorrow for a man who is so selfless? Why can't Dust enjoy his son HERE?


that feels better.

Well I thank God for such a wonderful husband and I pray God will bring joy into Dustin's life.


Stacy D said...

Father's Day was rough for us, too. I love that picture of Dustin with Max. I just love seeing little Max's face... he is so, so precious, Trish.

Still praying...

~ Stacy

Rebecca Jo said...

Sounds like God sent you a very strong man knowing the situation you two would approach... Strength & selflessness... what a wonderful husband you have!


Shannon said...

Very sweet post, Trish! I love your heart for your husband.

Lorraine-bo said...

Please share with Dustin:

It is obvious by the way Trish writes about you that you are truly a loved husband and father among many other roles in life.

Your son, Max, was a very handsome little man and very blessed to have you as his father.

May your Heavenly Father be your strength and comfort.

May the Lord bring you peace as you allow Him to heal your heart.

Pella, IA

Jess said...

I think that YOU must bring an awful lot of joy to Dustin and I believe that there is abundant joy ahead for both of you!

(But I know what you mean about watching your husband's sadness and not understanding why it had to happen to HIM. It's because you love him so much. I've said it before, how blessed we and our babies are to have such strong, loving men in our lives.)

Nicole said...

Look at all Max's hair! Too cute! Sending love!

Tammy On the Go said...

this is a beautiful post and photo of your boys