I don't even know how to put this out there with out you having to re read it and probably say to yourself 'what', but I am going to try.

I know that my plan for my life is not what God's plans are for my life, so how this came up and how this unfolded to us is completely in His hands. Shortly after the quake in Haiti my heart was bleeding for the orphans and that led me into looking into adoption. Well, that turned out to be pretty much impossible because the stipulations the waiting and the cost was all way over our heads. So I laid it to rest for the future, but with my heart now open to the thought God stepped in. Later that week I got a call from a dear friend that works at a nonprofit Star of Hope who was working with Haitiloveandfaith Girls home, she told me about how they were trying to get the orphans over from Haiti into temporary care with a possibility for adoption. I told her I was interested and she referred Dust and I. That was about a month ago or just over. Now we are filling out paperwork for the girls visas, waiting, and praying to meet Jesumine who is 10 and her sister Marie France who is 7. This is going to be a radical change in the Hagen household, but we feel God leading us and see the beauty of His provision. This is not a for sure deal, it has a high probability and if it happens it will be several months until they are with us. I will continue to do my photography and on another note, I am not serving anymore but am starting at our Church next week as a publications assistant. So to say my time will be stretched is an understatement. Part time at the church, plus 5 weddings booked, plus two girls that need so much love and support, all I can say is please pray for us.

We miss Max all the time but I can honestly say I don't believe my heart would be open to something like this without Max, he still is making a difference here.

Please check out the links above to the orphanage and to Star of Hope, if you are looking for good reputable places to donate to there is two, I have seen so much corruption going on with charities and it makes it scary to give these two have their hearts in the right place.

With all of these changes possibly coming I can't help but to step back and be in awe of our God. Below is pictures of the girls they were taken about a year ago.


Kristin said...

What beatiful little girls! I am so happy for you and for them that God is possibly working on bringing you together.

This is an amazing thing you are considering.

I still think of and pray for you often. And I still think of your precious Max.

kristy said...

I got goosebumps when I read this. Howard and I dream of adoption one day but the fees seem overwhelming. I am so glad you have been given this opportunity. Praying for you as your family grows by leaps and bounds!

Tammy On the Go said...

My heart is so filled with excitement that I can't stand it. Oh the heart of the father, the adoption of his beloved!

Can't wait to "meet" them, they are stunning.

Stacy D said...

Wow Trish! How completely exciting.

Praying for you guys and this awesome opportunity. :)

asplashofsunshine said...

What a journey you are embarking on! The girls are precious!

Carla B said...

Gorgeous little girls! How exciting. Keep us posted on how it progresses. I too would love to adopt someday but like you said the costs and the stipulations make it really difficult. We are considering foster adopting someday but Haiti is SO on my heart lately (my parents are there right now). God Bless you and take care of you will all the changes ahead.

Shannon said...

HOW AMAZING! Praying God will bless you beyond measure for being obedient to this calling! You guys will be great...these girls will be so blessed, and I'm sure they will bless you as well!

Anonymous said...

Man Trish- what a great opportunity...how cool is that 'friend' of yours that referred you! lol

We love you guys and are excited to see you when we get to see you-

Laura said...

Amazing...I will be praying for you and your sweet heart. Beautiful girls!

Sara said...

Wow, I am hoping you still get to read this comment even though it is posted so long after you wrote this post. Wow is all I can say. The girls are absolutely precious. My heart is so happy and excited for you. We are in the process of adopting a little girl after our loss of Samuel almost 18 mos ago. God's ways are so not what I ever thought or imagined. I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you all as you get ready to bring these 2 beautiful daughters of the king home to your home. What a gift they will be to you... and what a gift you will give them in a loving home!

Jennifer said...

Trish, the girls are beautiful. I got chills just looking at their photos and realizing what a great fit you two would be for them. They'll be lucky to have you and vice versa. Good luck!