Happy Independence Day!!

Just wanted to put a note out there to all, wishing everyone a happy 4th. Dust and I are doing well. Actually we are doing great. We are almost done with laying a new driveway about the size of a basketball court, scary! And Eli is growing and kicking and we are so anticipating his arrival, tentative c-section date Oct 4 or 5th.

I can't tell you how blessed I feel to feel him kick and to just appreciate the thoughts of his life being part of ours. So amazing. There has been moments of bitter sweetness, randomly his kicks bring on longing for Max. And there has been times when all the different memories come back good and bad that just make me feel pure longing for him. But all in all I feel so joyful. And Maxson is brought up so often now. It feels good. I feel bad for the random stranger that asks when I am due?... is this my first?... oh how old is our first?...well, I can't lie about him. I can now guarantee that when a stranger opens there mouth and asks when I am due the path the conversation will take. Then I always end up saying no, no need to be sorry, I'm okay and ending with a big smile. I don't even feel awkward anymore responding he has passed. Which is all good and healthy to be in that place. I love being able to talk about Eli's big brother and think about Max having a brother.

I will leave you with a couple pics. Again Happy 4th!


Paige said...

trish you look great!! i guess people have always asked that question, but it wasn't until after i lost Tatum it seemed like it was ALL the time. and even now when I take callyn out, people always still ask if she is my first. you never know how they will respond but i am with you...it is so nice to get to talk about them!!

Carla said...

you look gorgeous! i love baby bellies :)

Tammy On the Go said...

you look amazing...so glad to see you and your family

Anonymous said...

i am so happy for you!! you sound great. by the way, i love the name eli....although i might be biased, that's my son's name!