This picture was taken the night before Maxson was born. The hands on my tummy belong to some of my best friends. Some drove many hours and just made it into town that night. We spent a few hours together. When this picture was taken we were all lying on my bed, I was trying to get Max to move or kick for them. They all made the last night of Max's time in my tummy so special.

Kate, Kallie, Sara, Amber, and Cassidy plus my sweet Kaylyn was there in thought (finals for her masters, I'm so proud of you). These girls mean so much to me they have grown up with me, they are some of the classiest, smart, kind-hearted, down-to-earth, beautiful ladies I know. I have been blessed to have such strong, long-lasting friendships. They all were there for Maxson's entrance into this world and his peaceful exit. I wanted them there for two reasons: one, to have even more memories of one of greatest days of my life (I now can hear their memories of that day), and two I love them dearly and wanted them to share in one of my most cherished moments. So thank you girls for being there. I love you.

I wanted to edit a new video of Max's birth and pictures this week but I have been battleing a terrible chest cold and have had an unexpected difficult week. I still haven't seen all of Max's video, I thought I was ready but since Sunday I have hit an emotional curve I didn't see coming. God is obviously a huge part of my life, I try to make him my center. But this week has brought out anger and bitterness that I'm trying to sort through. So as far as the video goes it's on hold until I feel like I felt last week, emotionally and physically. I want to have my heart in good place when I see the rest of Max's Birthday video. And I want to put together a video with a clear mind. Please pray for these feelings of anger to be lifted or that I can find my way through them.

with love,
Max's mommy


boltefamily said...

Praying for you!

Tammy On the Go said...

I am so glad to hear from you. I think of you every day as I check my blog list. I remember going through the anger part when my sister was near to death with Cancer. (I know, not the same...I am not trying to compare) I just know that the anger is what brought the REAL dialogue between me and the Lord. and then the real healing began.
And yes, my sister made it. That is why I am not conparing. I just know anger is an important part.
you are loved.

Amy Jorgenson said...

Hey Trisha,
Don't know what to say to help you through this time. I'm still thinking about you, I still check on you and I think about that beautiful baby boy of yours with the HUGE blue eyes! Trust in God, he will always be there.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Praying hard for you and asking God to help you through the anger that is such a natural reaction at this time. This picture is such a beautiful portrait of PURE LOVE for Maxson and for you. Good friends are such TREASURES. May they be soft comfort for you. Praying you through.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Rebecca Jo said...

That picture is just precious... to know you have friends who have walked along side of you in good & bad - scary & sad....very encouraging!

Hope you are feeling better soon... I'm sure there are days where you do feel bitter & have emotions that make you angry... God understands...

HUGS to you!!!

Jess said...

Hope you're feeling better. That's a beautiful picture. You are so blessed to have friends like that.

I like what "Tammy on the Go" just said about anger bringng her to real dialogue with God. As you know I am dealing with the same feelings. For me it's been harder to handle than the sadness. Praying it gets easier soon.

Laura said...

Thinking of you...