I want you to know.

Dear Max,

Right now you are resting, pretty comfortably I think, unlike yesterday when you were kicking and moving so much I wondered if I had too much sugar. It feels great to feel you kick and move around. Your Dad also loves when he feels you kick. The first time he felt you kick he was a little freaked out by how strong you are! You literally kicked his hand off my stomach -pretty impressive little man!! 

Anyway, I really want you to know a few things. First, I want you to know how much me and your Dad love you, the love is greater than I have ever known. I want you to know that the doctors say you have some health issues but despite that we are going to have a happy and joyful heart the moment we see you. We are really anticipating our time holding and comforting you and praying for a great miracle more than what we have already received in having you. There are so many people praying for you. Your name is well known and loved by many already! I know you will continue to come through with which we named you Max meaning strength and great, you already have been so great and from what I feel you have strength. So keep on son!

Your Dad is going to be the best Dad ever! He has so many things to teach you, not only will he teach you how to work on cars but also he could teach you to build anything you want. He also has very strong character he will show you how to be honest and look out for others. He will show you how to treat a woman and how to be a real man, he will be there through it all cheering you on! I just wanted you know a bit of what your Dad is about and what he will be like as a father. 

I already know a few things about you, like me you like to have your hands by your face. The ultra sound we had this week proved that like the past looks we had a difficult time seeing your face you loved to keep your hands there. As the pics display above...we did catch you though! You very much enjoy this lil bunny aunt Chris gave you it plays twinkle twinkle little star and every time I play it you move. 

We can't wait to see you face to face. Everyone is excited to meet you. Your due date is on Christmas day but we may see you sooner or maybe later. 

Love you Max,



Rachel Fafinski said...

Trish and Dustin,

Thank you so much for sharing with us Max's life. He has been a blessing to us as well. We continue to pray for you and your family for peace and healing.

We miss you so much but we are glad that you are with your family. Hope to see you soon!
Rachel and Mike

Christena said...

Dear Trish,

What a wonderful letter to your sweet Max and what beautiful pictures. Since Max is resting right below your heart, there's no doubt at all that he feels all the love radiating from your heart to your darling little boy. I will continue praying for you, Dustin and Max as your incredible journey toward meeting each other continues.