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Hello, I have been praying so hard to have peace in one way or the other, c-section or natural birth. I haven't had that confirmation of what is best for Max. It's so difficult...I just thought I would ask for your prayers in finding peace with whatever decision we make. 

I am having one of those days when I am on the verge of breaking down every other minute. Breaking down sounds so severe, I mean just crying. The days vary much and today that ache is on my heart. 

Max has been very active, which is very comforting; he is letting me know he is still doing just fine. The days he is not as active leaves me holding my breath for every movement, it's just that from here out is so fragile. I thank God numerous times each day that Max is still with us. Max is so strong and is a great fighter, one reason I know this is he has quite a large hole in his heart and for him to be here now means he has beaten the odds stacked against him. Trisomy 18 babies generally miscarry in the first trimester. His odds of being born to begin with were 10 percent. He has passed that now he is on the upside, his odds of being born alive are 90 percent. His odds of coming home with us....ahhh I hate playing on the side of odds, the odds of having a baby with any chromosome problem are less than 1 percent...so playing on odds isn't for me.  His odds of coming home to be with us are GREAT! With all of you praying and asking God for Max's stay here with us to be at least as long as holding him on Christmas at home, and because I know my son is a fighter, I will say the chance is good, very good!

If anyone is interested in what to give to this Christmas Trisomy 18 Foundation (trisomy18.org) is selling a beautiful ornament that posted above there $30 includes shipping and would be a great way to support life and to support an organization that reaches out to families with information and research. 




Radar's Mom said...

Dear Trish,

I've been quiet, but reading all your posts and praying for all your special requests. Thank you so much for posting the Trisomy 18 ornament... I bought mine last year and it will hang on my tree every Christmas.

As for crying, the human heart is just not something that we can tame very easily. You are expecting your first, precious baby boy and you know that he is sick. All the mothers who have walked this road, who are walking it now and who will in the future all cry. So cry when you need to... and while you cry, rub your belly and tell Max how much you love him. He hears you and feels you, and he loves you so much already.

I am praying for you to have lots more time to meet and know your precious son.

A big hug,

Josh Bradley said...

We are praying for your family! www.trisomy18hope.org