Back from MN

We got back late last night and I was planning on posting then but I was way too exhausted. Traveling this big in a tuna can of a car is just not so fun. My feet were swelled up so big I lost my ankles I had cankles!! Anyway no more 10 hour road trips for me and Max. 

We had such a great time with family and friends. We miss them already...it was great to be able to be with them and share Max in the belly with them. 

The doctors appointments were not as great. First off we really didn't learn anything we don't already know, and second I really hate the way doctors treat Max's life even though I am in agreement with most of the care we are choosing for him. We did learn Maxson weighs just under 3 pounds and that overall he is running around two weeks behind. He is where they would expect him to be given this disease.

I had my arsenal of questions ready for them and the first doctor I saw was very willing to answer my questions as where the second doctor was more like why are you asking that it doesn't matter...when I wanted to  say to him really just throw me a bone here and give me as much information as I am seeking to the best of your ability, that's all I am asking. You wont set up false expectations by telling me because his cerebellum is right where it should be it may help him to breath and swallow better.  I guess in this Doctors eyes the end is the same so why does the time in between the beginning and the end matter. Well, it does to me and Dustin and everyone who is waiting to share that time, that in between time matters greatly. So overall we really didn't need to see the doctors... but then we would have wondered, so its a good thing when I weigh the two out. Its funny cause I swear the machine they use for ultra sounds here is better than what they have at a professional place like Abbott. They did give us a bunch of profile pics not 4D pics but none the less I will scan them later and post some.

Saturday night many good friends of ours prayed with us and for Max's life. It meant a great deal...one of their daughters Sophie found a verse in the bible and her older brother Nate read it aloud while we prayed. The next day Sophie told me that she opened the Bible to that verse and then closed it and prayed to God and then opened it again to the same verse, she is such a sweet girl and at nine she has the most sensitive beautiful spirit about her. So I will leave you with that verse that God gave us during prayer and petition to him for Max's life.

We thank you, O God!
We give thanks because you are near.
People everywhere tell of your miraculous ways.
Psalms 75:1




mrsrubly said...

aww! i have been following Max's life story for a lil while now. i too will be praying for you. praying that you WILL take Max home on Christmas Day. HE will be ALIVE for you to do so. i am sorry that you and Dustin have to go through this. i mean after having the infertility issue and then the T18. i am just so sorry. God will prevail and Max will be just fine. he's a cutie patutie!

Anonymous said...

trish, i love you so much. max will ALWAYS matter to us. today, tomorrow and FOREVER. we will always love him.
xo, amber