Today's appointment

Alright, Max has not quite gained a pound, but just under he now weighs approximately 3 lbs and 9 oz. That could be off a half pound either way, he is still growing and I guess that's what counts. He passed his biophysical but his heart rate wasn't as high as usual but my doctor thought it was passing due to all the other great signs, it was low lining at 110 and topping at 140, where in the past they told me a healthy heart rate was 120 - 160. So please pray for his heart to keep doing its job and to not go any lower!!

I feel like I am now constantly holding my breath...when I wake up I hold my breath till I feel him kick, today I held my breath until I saw my doctor, because I noticed that his heart rate wasn't quite as strong as it had been on the last tests...its just such an up and down road. Like on the contrary I have many hopeful moments; today Max was sucking his fingers or at least had them in his mouth. And his pinkie and pointer finger were up. I did tell my doctor and I don't know if it is an accomplishment or not, but heck I'm taking it as one, GOOD JOB MAX! He also was practicing with his lungs better than any test in the past. So I take in the good and the bad and still don't have any guarantee, right? Yeah, I guess that is how life works I'm just not used to dealing with that reality in my face in other areas of my life...NOTHING IS GUARANTEED (I yelled that even if it was just in my head)! If you want, email me and let me know what is, cause right now I can't think of anything, except...no, actually nothing.

So please, Max desperately needs your prayers, he has to pass 3 more tests in the following weeks and then he will have to pass my kissing him a million times test!

with love,



Radar's Mom said...

Way to go Max! Your little guy keeps growing and that's such a great sign... it means he's taking in nourishment and building strength to keep fighting to meet and spend time with his Mommy and Daddy and the rest of his family! I have you in my thoughts and prayers every day Trish. I know that putting together Maxon's birth plan must have been so very difficult, but you are so good and brave to share it with others - Max is already making his mark on this world through his loving and generous Mommy! Helping others is the greatest legacy we can leave behind in this world and your Max is already doing that before even making his grand entry!

A warm hug,

Katie said...

Praying for your sweet little Max!

Nathan Everson said...

Hey Trish. So glad to hear the appointment went well with Super Max. I plan on being at the hospital with you and the family during the birth. I do hope that I am able to anyways, it would mean a lot to me to see you with your baby. You are a radiant young woman and a very strong person overall. I have enjoyed growing up with you and I know that all of the good that I have seen in you will be transferred to Max ten times over. I think that what you have done with the site is amazing and I send all my love and thoughts to you, Dustin, and Big Max.


boltefamily said...

Praying for each of you, knowing how bittersweet this journey is!

connie said...

Your site is beautiful. Praying for you as you continue loving Max through the pregnancy to his birth and beyond. You will never regret this.

Laura said...

Just read your story. What an amazing family you are. I will be praying for you and your family. This is the journey of a lifetime..you are not alone.

Ashley said...

Im praying for your sweet Max. He already has a special place in my heart. He always will.

Stephanie said...

I've just found your blog and I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. I know the pain and fear you are experiencing. My son, Levi was born this past April and left for heaen just a few short hours away due to trisomy 13. Those few hours were the happiest and saddest of my entire life. You won't regret your decisions. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk.


Suzi Walcott said...

I have a three year old with partial trisomy 3 due to an unbalanced translocation. We didn't know about it when I was pregnant with her. During my last trimester her heart rate did the same thing, dropped to a low of 110 and a high of about 130 whereas it normally was between 120 and 150. I was worried but the docs were not. She passed her biophysical too (I don't know if it was 10 out of 10 though-- congrats Max!) and passed all non-stress tests but one which was borderline. She also hardly ever moved in utero. She is doing well today-- some health problems but considering they said she'd probably not make it past 1 year of age she is 3 and going strong! She does have severe developmental delays, but is a very happy little girl and just started preschool! Keep your chin up and remember anything can happen, never lose hope!

My daughter also had an ASD and VSD when she was born. They closed up on their own; she did not need surgery.

Praying for you and Max!